Pouggia is a large city located on the banks of the Pouggia river. It is downriver from Catawen, and is a large shipping port on both the river and the Groaning Sea.

The city is divided into two sections, the New City and the Old City. About 800 years ago, the Old City was the primary port for the region, but a massive earthquake caused the river to divert about 5 miles left, leaving the old city’s harbor dry, and filling all the wells with salt water. Rather than rebuild their ruined city alongside a dry harbor, the residents packed up and built the new city on the banks of the river’s new course.

There have been no major earthquakes since the one that diverted the river. The old city still stands, though it is entirely in ruins. Nobody lives there, although it occasionally becomes a haven for monsters seeking shelter.

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Lament of Cerrec Brashnir