Catawen is a peaceful and tranquil village on the near side of The Well. It is set at the intersection of two rivers. The larger of these rivers flows South-to North and is known as the Pouggia River. The smaller river flows east-to-west and is called the Bristleback River. Spanning the river is a large, ornate Stone Bridge called the Rune Bridge.

There are dozens of farms along the riverbanks, and in the areas between the rivers. Catawen’s village square consists of 5 buildings. Town Hall, the village Temple, a smithy shop called The Black Anvil, an inn named The Traveler’s Tale, and a large stable and pen where horses are kept and livestock is auctioned.

Notable Residents/locals:

Mayor Baniar Runebridge

Maladin Merk

Olenk Redbark

Halenk Redbark



Adventures occurring here:

The Witch of Morast

Lizard Prince of Hallard’s Cliffs


Lament of Cerrec Brashnir