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  • Ruminast

    The party met Ruminast while he was doing some work cleaning the temple in the village square. He is one of the priests employed at the temple. He once adventured with Remwar, the great hero of Catawen, and Cyrus the smithy. Ruminast joined Goa'Dun …

  • Cyrus

    Cyrus is Catawen's village smith. In his younger days, he says he adventured with Remwar, the great hero of Catawen, early in Remwar's career, but he gave up the life of an adventurer for the safer pursuit of running a shop. He is a bit rough around the …

  • Halenk Redbark

    Halenk is the eldest son of Olenk, and has spent his whole life working on his father's farm. In his free time, Halenk likes to go out with the hunters in the village seeking game. He has proven to be an adept tracker and animal handler. These skills …

  • Maladin Merk

    Maladin Merk is the owner and proprietor of the Traveler's Tale, the largest and only Inn located in Catawen village. The party has yet to have any contact with him.

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