Gentle Giant, Ruthless Warrior



Race: Male Alignment: Good Deity: Avandra

Height: 7’10” Weight: 300lbs Age: 23y/o



Goa is a quiet and gentle giant. While fierce in combat, his normal attitude is very slow and deliberate. He does not anger easily and is a genuinly caring being. He will often go out of his way to help others, even strangers. He is a firm believer in fate, and feels its his duty to help anyone that crosses his path that is in need, especially those being held against their will, as he is a valiant defender of freedom in all forms. His faith in Avandra is very strong.

Goa is not very intelligent, but is no fool. He doesn’t read well, is bad with math and complex problems, but he’s been around and can take care of himself. He is not easily misled or tricked. He knows his limitations and prefers to stay quiet and observe rather than enter into dialogue and risk sounding stupid.

Mannerisms and Appearance:

Goa is tall, even for a goliath. He is extremely lean and muscular. He has dark brown/grey skin with natural markings that look like tattoos around his eyes and on his head. He wears the traditional jewelry of his tribe, including ear and nose piercings made of large animal bones.

Slow and deliberate, much like his attitude. He never seems to be in a hurry, even when he is. He is calm and collected, rarely showing emotion.

This cool exterior all peels away in combat, revealing the true savage within him. He is fearless and brutal when fighting, using his size and strength to plow through opposition. He often feels guilt, even shame at the suffering he causes (unless it’s against an obviously evil opponent), causing him to avoid conflict unless absolutely necessary.


Goa left his tribe early in life to find his own path. He made his way to a port town and got a job working at a dry-dock, using his strength and height to his advantage over the other workers. He was eventually recruited as a quartermaster (in charge of discipline) aboard a local cargo vessel. He very much enjoyed the few years he spent at sea, but eventually grew bored and felt trapped. The wanderer in him again took over, and he left town in search of new adventure.


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