Catawen's Smithy


Cyrus is Catawen’s village smith. In his younger days, he says he adventured with Remwar, the great hero of Catawen, early in Remwar’s career, but he gave up the life of an adventurer for the safer pursuit of running a shop. He is a bit rough around the edges, but is a kind man at heart.

Cyrus set off to rescue the village children from the Witch of Morast, but was unable to reach the witch’s lair on his own. He joined up with Goa’Dun and Mikhail and helped them kill the witch and save some of the children.

He has decided to stay in the village and return to running his shop. He has taken on his first apprentice – One of the village children the party rescued from the witch. This particular child was the one who had been transformed into a Goblin Sharpshooter by the witch. He spent the entire final confrontation with the witch filling Cyrus’ back with arrows.


Lament of Cerrec Brashnir