Lament of Cerrec

Tomb of Clan Muil

Having returned victorious over the Dragon, our heroes were still no closer to locating Lictor Vitraeus. Remwar had found some new information however. After studying the amulets Goa’Dun had turned over to him, he found that they were some sort of telepathic communication device. He had been able to intercept some communications and found that the Lizardfolk were being commanded by one Sessimun Muil.

Remwar had encountered Sessimun before, when he was serving as Lictor Vitraeus’ right hand. When Remwar and his companions finally thought they had him cornered, Lictor Vitraeus sprang upon them through an illusory wall. While Remwar and co. defeated the Dragon, Sessimun fled and managed to escape. He had thought that this act of cowardice would have ruled him out as a successor to lead the clan, but it would seem that Sessimun has indeed seized power.

Due to the two-way nature of the amulets’ communication abilities, Remwar thought it would be best to disenchant them to avoid having his own thoughts spied upon. He did so, and re-enchanted them to that our heroes could use them as a communications device for themselves.

While he had learned that Sessimun Muil was now apparently running the clan, he was not able to discern his location. He had a couple of ideas on where our heroes might be able to find clues, and he sent Goa’Dun, Zander, and Gavin to scout out the location where he defeated Lictor Vitraeus several years prior.

The location was within the vast desert on the far side of the well. Remwar instructed to head in the direction of the rising sun and hold that bearing until they reached a large obelisk. Upon reaching that, they were to turn 90 degrees to the right until they met a cliff face carved with 7 giant figures. Between the legs of the center figure there would be a door.

Our heroes dutifully followed the directions, but when they reached the obelisk, they ran into trouble. A wandering band of lizardfolk were at the obelisk performing some sort of prayer ritual, but their party was crashed when Goa’Dun charged into their midst. He was surprised to find that the Lizard’s high priest was able to turn the sand beneath his feet into a quicksand bog, and he was stuck in position for much of the battle that ensued. Zander’s timely heals kept him alive, however, and our heroes finally emerged victorious. Wounded and exhausted, the party set up camp for the night and set out by morning to reach the cliffs.

By midday the next day, they had reached their destination. Entering into the cliff face, it was apparent from the beginning that this place was no longer occupied by the Muil clan. It was dusty, covered in cobwebs and obviously hadn’t been disturbed in some time. Our heroes ventured forward nonetheless, hoping that there would be some clue to Sessimun’s whereabouts inside.

Upon entering the first chamber, they were ambushed by undead remains of the temple’s former residents. They fought their way through to the final chamber where Remwar had fought Sessimun before. Upon clearing the chamber of undead, they saw an illusion of a great black dragon, tainted by undeath spring through an illusory wall in the back of the chamber, much how Remwar has described his fight with Sessimun and Lictor Vitraues in the past. Luckily, this time the dragon was merely an illusion. Behind the illusory wall, they found the former dragon’s lair, empty and filled with a murky black pool. They searched the area, and found no clues regarding their quest.

Havign defeated the main threat, our heroes quickly swept through the remaining areas of the temple, and made their way back toward Pouggia. Perhaps Mehii and Squeadle had more success in their mission…


and they looted 2000 gold.

Tomb of Clan Muil

...and Blackiron Scale +2, a Viper Belt, Iron Armbands of Power, a Circlet of Indomitability, Gloves of Storing, Boots of Free Movement, and a Storm Shield. All of which can only be equiped by a Goliath.

Mmmhmm. We sure did. Yup.

Tomb of Clan Muil

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